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A new book for the bookshelf April 30, 2009

i think that we may NEED this book.


The Devious Book for Cats

you should note that there are a lot of things that we NEED on that website. i think the sheer level of cute AND cool could make a crazy cat lady out of anyone. yes, anyone, even you, janie.:)


2 Responses to “A new book for the bookshelf”

  1. insidethesparkling Says:

    I’m sorry, do you seriously go to a site called “Modern Cat” on a regular basis?! Nothing could ever turn me into a crazy cat lady. Crazy turtle lady, maybe. Thank goodness there is no Modern Turtle site! (Or is there…?)

    • infamousqbert Says:

      actually, no. yesterday was the first time i’d heard of it. but the stuff they have is so cool! i pride myself on not letting my home LOOK like a cat home (aside from the vast amounts of hair that i’ll never be able to control), but the cat furniture and modern-looking cat towers they have are so neat! i want to buy them! and then my home would slowly be taken over by cat-oriented things and life as we know it would be over. that’s all i’m saying. so it’s probably a good thing i’m poor and spent all that money on clothes a while back.:)

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